Friday, December 23, 2011

Legends Contest

I am participating in a contest at the Legend Fire writing community (check them out.) I entered the fiction and poetry divisions, and the theme everyone must adhere to is 'Redemption.'

So I began as I usually do -- with research. I looked up the definition of redemption and read some social research on the topic. This usually gets me headed in the right direction, but this time I can't find my focus.

I'm forging on however. Submissions close on December 28 and I wonder if I will make it, even though I am in the revision phase of my entries. When I say make it, I mean submit something that I am proud of. No regrets.

I keep going back and forth with my poem, debating whether or not I should drop out of that part. As far as my fiction entry, every time I read it I roll my eyes. It's too simple, straight-forward. Melodramatic. Maybe I should keep at it and my hard work will pay off, or something sappy like that.

The insecurities about the whole thing are mounting up. Will I last?

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