Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Schedules & Writing

It's that time of year when everything comes at me with claws bared, intent on carrying me off in its particular direction. My desires and needs crash head on. I'm left bemused and befuddled, leaking blood and ink that I have not used to check off items on my to-do lists.

So I make schedules.

I write down the things that I do everyday without the compulsion of itineraries. I do not know why; those things keep themselves--they do without me, really. Yet, this is where I must begin. Get up, prepare children for school, exercise, shower, clean house.

Then comes the part I try my best to avoid: writing. What is it about this beloved sport that becomes a chore to initiate? I think because it looms so large in my head. It overwhelms my thinking and fingers. Where do I begin? At the beginning? No, too obvious. I'm a writer, dammit. Let's be more creative.

I schedule the things I will do anyway for last. That way, the energy of the morning won't be wasted on endeavors that have their own energies. That would be like buying gas for a car with a full tank. Do you know how precious and expensive gas is? So too is my energy. Characters come last, my reward for doing the things that stress me.

Like this blog.

Before characters come themes. And before that, research. And now I'm to conflict. But where do I stick plotting (plodding) and setting (sitting)? Maybe if they are approached every other day? Then I won't ruin my day or drain that dear energy with humbug such as that.

My day planned, I stand to stretch and work out the kinks in my wrists and the small of my back. I need to do more yoga. What am I forgetting? Goals. I have to make progress on my goals. Deadlines. I have made promises to others. But alas, my day is full. Where can I fit in progress and promises?

Ah, there. In that space that "Writing" now occupies. I don't need to work on my writing so much every day that I push my responsibilities aside. I can do plodding one of the days and sitting the other. No need to do both on one day. What else?

Themes are pretentious. What was I thinking? I don't have to work on them more than the plodding. Have I got everything? Wait, am I eating? No bathroom break? It doesn't look as if I have a family at all. So much for my desires. Needs win again. Finally, I remember why I don't do schedules.

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