Monday, March 17, 2014

Organizing My Papers

When I'm stuck, I inevitably turn to writing by hand. I just need the stimulation of the movement and feel of real paper and a real pen in my hands to get ideas flowing.

Unfortunately, this leads me with piles of loose papers scattered about. Today I decided to organize this mess. The task is breathtakingly difficult. I'm unable to throw away anything, and my writings are so diverse that it's hard to group them. If I did a breakdown of a comedy sitcom pilot, built a magic system, researched psychopathy, etc., etc. How do I group these? Are they all research? They don't seem to go together. I think I'd be confused if I found them in the same box or bin together.

Then how do I keep the details straight of a story that I've developed. I don't just want to lump the whole deal together. I want to quickly reference the characters of a particular story. I can't do that if they're in one big pile. Yet if I separate them, there's a big chance that I'll forget that they even went together in the first place.

Oh, the boxes. I have so many boxes. Where will I put them all? Should I be estimating this to take a week?

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