Thursday, March 20, 2014

Writing the First Scene

I'm starting on the first scene of my screenplay--so scary. I'm starting with the resolution. Why, no one asked?

Because that's where all the fun starts dying down, but everyone insists on hanging around--like at an amusement park. You know, when all the big rides are closed and yet all the paying customers are still milling about, trying to milk every last penny out of the experience though it's clear no one can have any more fun? Yeah, that's how I feel about resolutions.

Let me write the most exciting scene of the story and then go straight to the 'clean-up' scenes. Why?

This is the reason I find myself giving up on story after story with only four or five scenes to go. For this script, I'm writing those awkward last scenes first. Haha! I'm getting the boringness out of the way, an then I'll only have to revise or edit the scenes, not write them whole cloth. I'll end on a high! Why haven't I tried this before?

We'll soon find out.

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