Friday, April 4, 2014

Long Scenes

I knew this would happen, but I guess I was hoping it would magically be different once I began typing the screenplay.

My scenes are too long. I've thought each one over so carefully that they are all jam-packed with setups that I'll pay off later and foreshadowing and characterization and a little exposition sprinkled here and there. How do I cut all that out?

Do I write a two and a half hour script and then chop it up later? Do I figure out what can be dropped now? It might be a revision thing, but... I'm going to be letting people in my writing group read this. I cringe at handing them a script that long.

But we're showing each other our stuff in parts...I'm worried about things I shouldn't be right now, I know, but I should probably learn how to write concise scenes at the beginning so there's less of this. Because I'm going to need to cut many scenes later on just because I cut one line of dialogue here and there in these earlier scenes...they're jam-packed, I tell ya.

However, for right now, I'll just write and enjoy the ride. I can always worry when I'm about to hand my pages over.

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