Friday, March 14, 2014

Subplot or Plot Layer

Okay, panic mode is over, and I've just about worked out the kinks in my screenplay.

I've laid out most of the main plot and a lot of the subplot, and I do believe I've got it all straightened out. It all started from figuring out what was really the subplot and what was just a plot layer of the main plot.

So I realized that anything depended on the main character's story was just a plot layer. Anything that was independent, that branched off and did its own thing, connecting and intersecting at certain spots until maybe at the very end, was indeed a subplot. The subplot contains its very own main characters.

That let me see that I had 5 plot layers (for each supporting character that had a small arc and resolution that related to the main plot) and 2 subplots (for the characters that had their own branching stories). I lopped off one subplot, and voila-- I had simplified my story to a manageable level.

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